Optimizing the digital experience hinges on personalization. But dynamically presenting the most engaging information to your site visitor means having an informed opinion of who that visitor is, where they are in their journey, and what content they would find value in.

Combining behavioral and demographic data points with intelligence about the information on the site is the cornerstone of a cognitive solution to site search.

National Instruments depends on Attivio’s cognitive capabilities to optimize the search and discovery experience on its website, intranet, and eCommerce platform. With Attivio, engineers and scientists enjoy a genuinely personalized online shopping experience, as they search in their local language to discover the best computer-based products National Instruments has to offer.

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Know your user, and know your site. The more you hold to those two concepts, the better your ability to deliver highly relevant content to your site visitors.

The key to delivering insights is improving relevancy of answers to search queries. With machine learning relevancy, the Attivio Platform continuously and automatically analyses user behaviors and information to ensures the most relevant content is automatically presented to the visitor.

With this advanced machine learning, the system is trained to deliver the most relevant information, in context. Attivio also offers the flexibility of manual relevancy tuning to optimize results.


Whatever the goals of your site or the type of site you have, one of the most important metrics to measure is engagement.

Attivio leverages text analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning capabilities to understand and predict what information would be most appealing to a visitor. It offers recommendations, before the visitor even makes a request.

By making information easier to find, you dramatically improve visitor engagement.