In the digital age, few customers have the patience for manual, hunt-and-peck, follow-the-breadcrumbs searching for answers and support. Some will keep trying, some will pick up the phone, but all will get frustrated.

How do you keep them engaged? With easy, intuitive search at the core of your self-service experience.

Modern, cognitive solutions are designed to deliver answers and insights, instantly. By leveraging capabilities such as machine learning, natural language processing, and text analytics, Attivio makes self-service support as easy as using Siri, Alexa, or Google.


Whether your customers are looking for insights or support, they will save time and you will offset man-hours if they can self-serve – not to mention the sense of satisfaction they’ll get from a good experience. Who hasn’t been charmed by

The key to turning on that charm is what happens behind the scenes:

  • Understanding user intent. Attivio anticipates what your customer is going to need by knowing what products and services they have purchased and what their interaction history with the company has been.
  • Delivering answers, not just a list of results. With machine learning techniques, the system reads context and gives only the most relevant answers.
  • Offering recommendations. Taking it a step further, answer the question before the user even asks.

With self-service support, customers solve routine issues on their own and save complex issues for service teams.


The complexity of self-service support stems from the large, growing, and often chaotic sources of information that feeds into the system. It’s unrealistic to try to organize and maintain all of the disparate sources manually.

With cognitive solutions, you create a knowledge graph of all information sources, wherever they live. Onboarding new sources is an easy exercise.

By creating an agile system to deliver answers, you increase customer satisfaction, and reduce the cost of support.