Cognitive Solutions for Risk Avoidance

Attivio solutions help risk and compliance leaders protect their brands by delivering a holistic view of risk in the organization. With AI-powered search, machine learning and text analytics, Attivio offers comprehensive, scalable, and automated monitoring of communications across every channel.

Attivio offers risk avoidance solutions for:

  • Communication Monitoring. Confidently mitigate risk by effectively monitoring all aspects of trade communications.
  • Anti-Money Laundering. Reduce the cost of AML compliance through automation of low-level case processing tasks
  • Know Your Customer. Learn everything you need to know about your customers, in a cost-effective, scalable way.

Whether the initiative is driven by regulatory compliance or internal governance, you need a holistic view of risk in your organization. With cognitive search at the core of your risk avoidance systems, you have the power to protect your brand.

Risk Avoidance Resources