Whether research in your context is about financial insights, medical innovation, insurance records, or something else, you need to find the right information, regardless of where it resides, so you can take informed action quickly.

At Attivio, we help our customers deliver insight to their customers. UBS unifies all investment information, across all assets and markets, into a single, easy-to-consume application. With UBS Neo, institutional clients can quickly and easily access the best of UBS Investment Bank, including ″in-the-moment″ Trading Floor Insights, UBS’s award-winning research, and a broad range of execution services.

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For most organizations, the information and knowledge is locked in information silos, so that finding research is either difficult or time consuming. The Attivio Platform provides:

  • Information index. Attivio automatically discovers and organizes your knowledge assets, across system and organizational silos, while respecting your enterprise security policies.
  • Machine learning. Attivio analyzes user behaviors and builds relevancy models that learn and improve as content, data, and user activity grows.
  • Natural language processing. By understanding user intent and inferring meaning based a deep understanding of text, Attivio presents the most relevant findings.

By putting cognitive search at the core of your research portal, your users get a better experience.


The key to a research portal is user adoption and user experience. Most people are used to quick and easy information access in their personal lives – think Google, Alexa, and Siri. They have the same expectations for a personalized, highly relevant experience for information access in the enterprise. They need answers, not a list of results.

By continuously learning from every query and interaction, Attivio delivers insights and an engaging experience that exceeds your users’ expectations.