Raise Your Enterprise IQ

Is knowledge in your organization scattered across people and systems?

Attivio unifies your information across organizational silos and automatically discovers the meaning in your data and documents, so you don’t have to enforce manual approaches. You can easily onboard new sources, so your KM initiative scales gracefully with your needs.

With Attivio’s machine learning approach to the personalized delivery of information, your corporate knowledge assets become instantly discoverable, transforming productivity.

Find Answers

How do you share knowledge across the enterprise? How do you harness learning and ensure continuity in a dynamic environment?

Insight begins with search and discovery. By offering highly relevant answers at the right time, to the right person, Attivio enables the workforce to spend less time looking for information and more time on core activities that drive the business.

With cognitive knowledge management, you equip a smarter workforce.

Connect People

How do your employees find the subject matter expert they need? Can you easily connect expertise across remote offices and workers?

Effective collaboration leads to productivity. Beyond just gathering existing records with self-declared skills, Attivio infers skills and expertise by understanding the digital footprint subject matter experts create with publications, email, collaboration tools, and other sources.

By automatically identifying and recommending experts, you can tap collective knowledge and accelerate decision making.

Recommend Content

How do information workers make the leap from data to insights?

Context is everything. Attivio harnesses context and user behavior to proactively alert knowledge workers with critical new information and recommendations.

By connecting the dots between people and information, Attivio empowers you with continued insight.

Turnkey KM Solution

The end-to-end KM solution provides organizations of all sizes a quick and proven way to discover content and expertise from across the IT landscape in a secure way. Attivio offers easy-to-deploy small, medium, and large bundles that adapt to all types of Knowledge Management initiatives. The offering includes:

  • A packaged KM solution built on the Attivio Cognitive Search and Insight Platform with an intuitive search UI
  • A full set of commonly used KM connectors, such as SharePoint, Jive, Confluence, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive
  • The convenience of a subscription for application installation and maintenance with Attivio Managed Services in the Cloud

The Attivio Knowledge Management offering enables organizations to quickly launch or expand a KM initiative and demonstrate immediate ROI by enhancing information worker productivity through the unification of data and information across silos.