Today you may have an array of disparate information sources feeding into your Know Your Customer initiative that analysts must manually sift through, leaving potential gaps in coverage. You may be putting your revenue and reputation at risk.

With cognitive search, you can automate the process of information gathering and organizing. The Attivio Platform:

  • Unifies data from multiple, existing KYC/CDD/EDD solutions
  • Delivers a risk-adjusted, interactive transaction graph between entities and their counterparties
  • Combines risk-based scoring with entity search and investigation, by degree of commercial separation.

Learn how Attivio enables financial organizations to reduce reputational risk in the eBook Reduce Risk & Protect Brand Value through Proactive Monitoring & Compliance.

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Because of largely manual, resource-intensive processes in your KYC initiative, changes in regulations, requirements, and scope can be costly. The Attivio Platform dramatically reduces the cost of gathering and documenting evidence in your customer compliance processes. With Attivio, you improve the accuracy of your KYC compliance by:

  • Gathering a true, 360-degree of evidence
  • Embedding investigation procedures and best-practice tips in every investigator’s screen
  • Reducing the natural variance that exists across investigators.

Attivio gathers and organizes every relevant piece of customer information, delivering an integrated view directly into your existing KYC applications.


If your customers don’t provide updated information for compliance review, how do you follow the money?

The Attivio Platform leverages powerful machine learning capabilities to document transaction trends and patterns. Using powerful graph-search capabilities, the solution creates a visual transaction chain across multiple degrees of commercial separation.

With analytic tools that extract elements of meaning from the full range of unstructured information sources – such as email, social media, chat logs – compliance professionals can correlate transactions with counterparties and industries.

By putting cognitive search at the core of your KYC initiative, you have innovative AI technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge graphing to deliver a 360-degree view of your customers’ networks.