The Right Resolutions, Right Now

Today’s employees are well-versed in consumer services that let them find information, transact business, and solve problems on their own. Increasingly, they expect that the standards set by Google, Apple, and Amazon will be available to them when seeking IT support in the workplace.

Further, not all questions are as simple as “how do I reset my password?” and need expert intervention. In both cases, the right answer might be found in the knowledge base, a previous ticket, a chat stream, an email, or a comment on a forum.

Being able to deliver the right resolution into your employees’ and IT fulfillers’ hands – no matter where that answer resides – helps drive down MTTR and improve employee satisfaction.


Attivio’s Elevate ITSM, built specifically to integrate with ServiceNow, helps you achieve tangible results:

Modernize IT service management
Consolidate information sources, deliver more relevant answers, increase agent proficiency, and consumerize how you deliver IT support, creating a modern, effortless IT service experience your employees will use and love.
Reduce internal IT MTTR
The right resolution is paired to an issue automatically, so employees using self service and IT fulfillers spend less time hunting for information. The result? Decreased MTTR across all types of issues.
Improve employee satisfaction and productivity
Downtime is costly in terms of both employee productivity and job satisfaction. Empowering staff to solve issues on their own results in marked improvement in both. Make this experience effortless and rewarding for employees by employing AI technologies to continuously improve query results.