How is search in your intranet working out? Does your workforce spend too much time trying to find the nugget of knowledge they need to do their jobs?

Your employees are used to intuitive search experiences in their personal lives with tools like Google, Alexa, and Siri. Yet when it comes to the workplace, the systems don’t deliver that ease of use.

With cognitive search for your intranet, you deliver the information and the experience your employees need to make their jobs easier.


How do you connect expertise across remote offices and workers? How do you solve the “who knows about…” problem?

An accessible digital community leads to better collaboration. Attivio leverages machine learning and text analytics techniques to infer skills and expertise by understanding the digital footprint SMEs create with publications, email, collaboration tools, and other sources.

By connecting people who need knowledge on a particular topic and people who own the expertise, your digital community transforms organizational productivity.


With cognitive search, enterprise content and data stays where it is and the system pulls it all together in a manner that is seamless, insightful, and extremely useful to employees. Cognitive search makes the experience more natural. You ask questions, and you get answers. And with better access to information, your employees are equipped to derive new insights.

By putting cognitive search at the core of your intranet, your users get faster search, highly relevant results, and answers when they need them most.