Google Search Appliance

Check out our powerful, yet easy-to-implement GSA replacement solution.


Are you concerned about the looming sunset of Google Search Appliance (GSA)? How challenging is it to manage your growing information ecosystem with legacy technology?

Attivio can help you address the risk of application uncertainty. The Attivio Cognitive Search Platform offers a low-risk path to upgrading GSA with the quickest time to value. A leader in the cognitive search space, Attivio offers an innovative solution to the challenge of legacy applications.

Our customer success stories speak volumes. Cisco replaced Google Search Appliance with the Attivio Platform to drive search for and their corporate intranet. They achieved an improved “search-to-answers” user experience for customers, employees, and partners in more than 90 countries worldwide, creating increased productivity and collaboration.

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Moving from a legacy solution to cognitive search is an opportunity to innovate and scale for the changing needs of the business. The Attivio Platform offers:

  • Cognitive capabilities. The Attivio Platform combines self-learning technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and a knowledge graph to create a search and discovery solution at big data scale.
  • Connectors & integrations. With connectors to 100+ enterprise data sources across 500+ file formats and a full set of API frameworks, Attivio provides complete connectivity for any information source.
  • Best-in-class security. Attivio’s approach to security mimics the way security works in a database and ensures that users only see the information they have permission to see. Even better, it uses your existing protocols and methods.

With Attivio’s proven alternative for upgrading your GSA infrastructure, you can minimize migration risk, improve user experience, and increase global impact for your search and insight-based applications.



Attivio’s solution for GSA migration is a proven, low-friction way to upgrade your search technology. The reason is simple – Attivio provides the most complete connectivity and API frameworks – and the professional services to train your team quickly.

Whether you’re looking for on premise or cloud deployment, or a full managed services offering, Attivio offers the deployment option that best fits your environment.

From implementation through ongoing support, Attivio stands by the success of its customer initiatives. Attivio provides everything you need to accelerate time to value.