Enterprise Search Replacement

If you are facing the looming sunset of your enterprise search application, or an acquisition of your vendor, you need to quickly address the risk of application uncertainty.

The Attivio Cognitive Search Platform was designed to gracefully handle the most complex customer requirements, while achieving the quickest time to value. With a solid leadership status in the search space and an innovative, growing collection of customer solutions, Attivio offers an innovative solution to the challenge of legacy applications.

Attivio offers legacy search replacement solutions for:

  • Google Search Appliance. Upgrade your GSA with AI-powered search from an industry leader.
  • Microsoft FAST. Migrate and innovate to a cognitive search platform that scales with your business.
  • HPE IDOL. Address the challenge of vendor acquisition, and the lack of an innovative roadmap, by upgrading to cognitive search.

Moving from a legacy solution to AI-powered cognitive search is an opportunity to innovate and scale for the changing needs of the business.

Enterprise Search Replacement Resources