Expectations on the Rise
Consumer applications, sites, and devices have raised employee expectations about how they engage and are supported in the workplace. Employees expect to ask questions and solve problems themselves. They expect response times to be fast.
Companies’ ability to deliver on these expectations lags behind, however, because:
  • Knowledge is scattered across the organization

  • Information resides in structured and unstructured formats

  • The right answer isn’t easily accessible

How can you modernize your IT services and consumerize your employee experiences?
Elevate, a suite of apps from Attivio that are tightly integrated with ServiceNow, helps you achieve these goals.
  • Unifies disparate sources of knowledge throughout your organization

  • Uses NLP to support natural language questions

  • Employs machine learning relevance to learn and continuously improve answers over time

  • Integrates directly into existing IT and HR workflows

  • Increases employee productivity and satisfaction