Monitor All Trade Communications

Failure to effectively monitor trade communications exposes financial organizations to a tremendous amount of risk. Whether the risk is driven by the dissemination of sensitive information, inappropriate employee behavior, or a violation of regulatory policies, it’s imperative that firms confidently mitigate these risks so they can protect brand value.

The Attivio communication monitoring solution allows you to monitor all trading floor communications and proactively surface breaches of policy, while effectively controlling the rate of false positives.

For a deeper dive into the risks and rewards of an effective communication monitoring program, read the eBook Reduce Risk & Protect Brand Value through Proactive Monitoring & Compliance.

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Reduce the Cost of False Positives

The challenge in trade communications monitoring is to control the rate of false positives that require time-consuming manual processing, without missing the true positives.

With patented text analytics capabilities and industry-leading cognitive search technology, Attivio’s communication monitoring solution:

  • Monitors all sources of communication, including social media, chat, text messages, email, trading activities, financial news, and more
  • Identifies trends and patterns with advanced machine learning techniques
  • Triggers alerts with a finely tuned policy-based system that enables more efficient human interactions.

Attivio customers have experienced dramatic reduction in costly false positives – typically in the neighborhood of 85-90% – while at the same time improving true positive accuracy.

Protect Brand Value

Regulatory compliance is not only about the fines or settlement amounts – it can affect the reputation and value of an institution’s brand. The best way to eliminate infractions is to discover and address them as quickly as possible, establishing a true culture of zero tolerance.

Inefficient manual surveillance does not work. Organizations need the ability to detect patterns, at scale, before they experience long-term damage.

Attivio’s solution for communication monitoring uniquely enables financial organizations to dramatically reduce reputational risk and protect brand value. With holistic surveillance that connects to the communication data and content that organizations are required to monitor, Attivio proactively surfaces concise and accurate information that enables compliance.