Automate Evidence Gathering

For most Anti-Money Laundering (AML) initiatives, investigators spend significantly more time gathering and organizing evidence than evaluating it. Evidence gathering and research is a largely manual process that requires investigators to find and pull evidence from multiple disparate information sources, including internal records and third party sources. Some firms review up to 100 sources of information.

Attivio consolidates all case-related information – whether internal or external – into a single, easy-to-search system.

“With the Attivio AML solution, investigators focus on analysis, not tedious evidence compilation.” One Attivio customer reduced mean time to resolution by 75%.

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Generate Consistent Case Summaries

Not only is evidence gathering manual, but the aggregation and organization of the evidence is also manual. There can be inconsistencies from one investigator to the next.

Attivio’s solution for AML:

  • Optimizes the evidence gathering process, letting machines handle routine, tedious tasks,
  • Organizes consistent data about cases for forensic review, and
  • Streamlines the preparation of case narratives – consistently documenting the relevant evidence.

For a deeper dive into addressing AML challenges, read the eBook "Strategies for Reducing AML Case Processing Times".

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Get a Complete View of Customer Risk

Financial institutions need solutions that enable the swift identification of sophisticated attack patterns. With the increasing intricacy of financial crimes, integrated risk and compliance solutions effectively connect staff with varying perspectives, building a stronger, holistic response.

Unless you establish complete data visibility, some insights will remain hidden in your information. Attivio uses advanced text analytics to crack open document meaning and provide context for discovery. Machine learning techniques help surface trends and patterns. With a true 360° view of your customer risk landscape, organizations can completely ensure AML compliance.