If anyone is waking up in the middle of the night because of work, it’s you. You’re tasked with ensuring the company and its employees comply with industry regulations and corporate mandates. The consequences are substantial in the form of fines and brand reputation. You need a partner who can help with constant vigilance and keen insights based on your data and communications. Attivio can be that partner.

With Attivio you can:
  • Confidently mitigate risk by monitoring all aspects of trade communications

  • Reduce the cost of AML compliance through the automation of low-level case processing tasks

  • Learn everything you need to know about your customers, in a cost-effective, scalable way

Reduce the Cost of False Positives
Attivio customers have experienced dramatic reduction in costly false positives – typically in the neighborhood of 85-90% – while at the same time improving true positive accuracy.
Get a Complete View of Customer Risk
Advanced text analytics cracks open document meaning and provide context for discovery, and machine learning helps surface trends and patterns. With a true 360° view of your customer risk landscape, you can ensure AML compliance.
Protect Brand Value
With holistic surveillance that connects to the communication data and content that organizations are required to monitor, Attivio proactively surfaces concise and accurate information that enables compliance.