Google, Apple, Amazon, and other consumer services have set new standards for how employees expect to engage with your organization. Increasingly this means self-service. To keep pace, IT organizations must transform to empower employees to solve issues on their own.

Employing AI technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, and text analytics, Attivio easily and securely unifies all sources of knowledge in your organization and makes answers readily available when and where emplyees need them.

With Attivio you can:
  • Improve the relevancy of answers delivered to employees via your self-service portal, by drawing on the best answers from across your organization and automatically learning over time

  • Increase the proficiency of all your IT fulfillers by delivering precise answers to tickets immediately and in the context of their existing workflows

  • Immediately remedy gaps in your knowledge base using intelligent gap identification and automatic content generation capabilities

Modernize IT service management
Consolidate information sources and consumerize how you deliver IT support, to create a modern IT service experience your employees will use and love.
Reduce internal IT MTTR
By automatically pairing the right resolution to the issue, enable your IT fulfillers to decrease MTTR across all types of issues by spending less time hunting for information.
Improve employee satisfaction
Empower staff to solve issues on their own. Make this experience effortless and rewarding for employees by employing AI technologies to continuously improve query results.