For employees, finding HR-related information can be difficult, whether it's related to onboarding, transitioning roles or departments, or experiencing a life event. Frustration in locating information within your corporate walls can severely impact your employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS).

Attivio helps you deliver frictionless access to HR information, from a single portal, no matter where that information resides, so you can seamlessly assist employees no matter their question.

With Attivio you can:
  • Improve the relevancy of answers delivered to employees via your self-service portal, by drawing on the best answers from across your organization and automatically learning over time

  • Get insights into the most commonly asked questions and the sources that best answer them

  • Immediately remedy gaps in your knowledge base using intelligent gap identification and automatic content generation capabilities

Consumerize employee experiences
Deliver a modern experience, aligned with employee expectations, for every employee query of your knowledge base. Keep employees coming back by using machine learning to continuously improve information delivery.
Maximize eNPS
Keep employee satisfaction high from onboarding through employment transitions and life changes by precisely matching answers with their online queries. Natural language processing lets them ask real-world questions and get precise answers in return.