The demands on your time and expertise are many, and you are driven to stay in tune with the latest technology and how it might benefit your organization. Rather than a dozen individual products that address one problem, you're interested in solutions that can solve multiple business objectives. Scale, security, stability, and extensibility are critical requirements for any solution you evaluate, as are ease of implementation and ease of use for your end users.

How can you use your expertise to deliver the highest impact to the organization? By selecting Attivio's enterprise-proven platform that enables you to ensure employees & customers always have the answers they need, no matter the touchpoint.

With Attivio you can:
  • Address multiple use cases with a single, integrated platform, from employee and customer support to risk avoidance, and beyond

  • Ensure uptime and security of important corporate information

  • Be ready to address future needs and use cases around search and insights, using a platform you know and trust

Enterprise Proven
Trusted by leading companies in the Fortune 500 / Global 2000, across financial services, manufacturing, high tech, and more. You’re in good company.
Enterprise Scale
Billions of documents are indexed by Attivio every month. You can trust we’ll grow as your information needs do.
Active Security
Our patented JOIN capability delivers the most complete and comprehensive security controls available anywhere. Satisfies even the most complex enterprise security requirements, avoiding the common limitations and insecure pitfalls of other approaches.