By 2020, customer experience will replace product and price as the key differentiator a company has over its competition. As the front line delivering support to customers, a lot is riding on your ability to be successful. Delivering the right answer quickly is a key part of keeping customers happy.

Whether you're looking to empower customers through better self service, improve agent productivity & effectiveness, or both, Attivio helps you deliver world-class support that keeps customers satisfied and sets you apart from the competition.

With Attivio you can:
  • Improve the relevancy of answers delivered to customers via your self-service portal, by drawing on the best answers from across your organization and automatically learning over time

  • Increase the proficiency of all your agents by delivering precise answers to tickets immediately and in the context of their existing workflows

  • Immediately remedy gaps in your knowledge base using intelligent gap identification and automatic content generation capabilities

Maximize NPS and Minimize Customer Effort Score(CES)
Improve satisfaction and crush your NPS score by making it easy for customers to solve problems themselves by delivering the most precise answer every time.
Increase Call Deflection Rates
Improve the likehood a customer will find an answer via self service. Reduce the number of routine and easily solvable calls to the call center, so your agents can focus on the most complex issues.
Decrease Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)
By automatically pairing the right resolution to each inbound issue, spend less time hunting for information, and significantly decrease MTTR in your self-service portal and live assist channels.