Search UI Toolkit

SUIT: Open Source UI framework to accelerate time to market

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Rapidly Develop Search Applications

Attivio’s Search UI Toolkit (SUIT) provides the core components – search, authentication, content security, API integration, results visualization - required to create a compelling and complete search UI.

Choose Your Search Platform

SUIT is integrated with Attivio’s machine learning-based search platform and with popular Open Source search engines, including Elasticsearch and Solr.

Build a Search UI in a Day

With SUIT, you can quickly configure a search application with a full-fledged UI from scratch within a day or two.

Save Time & Money

SUIT lets you quickly respond to business-user application requests without having to add resources to your teams and enabling you to deploy scarce resources to other projects.

Benefit from Open Source

SUIT is an Open Source application, enabling developers throughout the Open Source community to build UIs using it, and to contribute new features and improvement to SUIT.

Download SUIT

Quickly build a search application with a full-fledged UI. Download the toolkit and start building immediately, using Attivio, Elasticsearch, or Solr as the backend. Contribute back to the community to help enrich the capabilities.

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