Search Analytics





Get Insights Immediately

Search Analytics delivers real-time insight into:

  • Searches executed, content results, and user behavior
  • The most popular searches, active users, frequently returned documents, related queries, and much more
  • Overall search experience, including relevancy and response time

Queries + Results = Full Insight

Unlike other search offerings, Attivio’s Search Analytics delivers insights not just into queries, but also their results. Get the full picture of the performance of your search platform with our analytics.

360-degree Views of Topics, Content, and Users

Understand the relationships between elements so you can further refine search experiences for your users. 360-degree views to give you a complete picture of a search topic, content result, or user. For example, when you click on a specific search phrase, you see:

  • Related searches (e.g., what people who searched for this topic also searched for)
  • Top 10 documents returned for that search
  • Average click position
  • Top 10 users submitting this query

Key Features

Search Analytics enables you to get insight on:

  • Top Searches: View top user queries. Our NLP extracts entities within the question, and the Search Analytics provides an aggregated view of the most popular subjects.
  • Top No-Results Searches: See what searches yield no answers, so you can fill content gaps or mitigate user dissatisfaction with the search experience.
  • Top Users: See who in your organization runs the most queries.
  • Top Clicks: View the most popular documents in your user base, and review the total click count for all results.
  • Average Click Position: Monitor and tune relevancy models, based on the position of clicked content.