Active Security

Attivio’s security leverages its patented JOIN capability to deliver the most complete and comprehensive security controls available anywhere. Attivio integrates with popular security protocols, such as Kerberos, LDAP/AD and OAuth.

Attivio's Active Security

Attivio's patented and industry-leading approach to security ensures that documents and ACLs are indexed as unique documents and stored separately, joining them dynamically, at query-time. All updates to the preferred security system (such as Active Directory, for example) are seamlessly handled by index without requiring full re-ingestion. Attivio’s Active Security satisfies even the most complex enterprise security requirements, avoiding the common limitations of early-binding methods as well as the insecure pitfalls of late-binding approaches.


  • Extensible API supports even the most customized security schemes.
  • Permissions for users, groups, roles, etc. and Access Control Lists (ACLs) are stored in a separate security table in the Attivio universal index — without requiring a separate database.
  • Integrates with popular security protocols, such as Kerberos, LDAP/AD and OAuth.
  • Alias your ACLs across multiple enterprise silos and/or security domains to ensure one login per-user.
  • It’s not early-binding, late-binding, or a hybrid-binding approach. It’s Active Security.

Ad Hoc Relational JOIN of Data and Content

At query time, Attivio’s patented Query-Time JOIN capability presents all information that matches a user’s query and all of their permissions to present only the content that user is allowed to see.

Real-time, High Performance Security at Scale

Attivio’s Active Security ensures enterprise security regardless of what end user tool or user interface is in use, with no latency. No other information platform provides the agile unified information access of Attivio with the scale and performance of Active Security.