Cognitive Search and Insight Platform


The Attivio Cognitive Search and Insight Platform combines self-learning technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, and knowledge graphing to deliver a contextualized search and discovery experience with a secure enterprise platform.

The Attivio Platform indexes and analyzes enterprise data and content, regardless of format, and integrates behavioral data to personalize the user experience. By creating context for data and documents across silos, Attivio builds an intelligent information ecosystem. With Cognitive Search, knowledge workers can quickly get highly personalized and relevant answers. With Cognitive Insight, the system anticipates the user needs and proactively delivers information.

An integral component of the enterprise IT ecosystem, the Attivio Platform powers solutions in the areas of Knowledge Management, Customer 360, and Communication Analytics.

Version 5.5, the newest release, was designed to drive productivity and accelerate time to value for Attivio customers, with next generation machine learning relevancy and a host of other features and enhancements.


The main highlight of Attivio Platform 5.5 is machine learning relevancy.

The key to delivering insights and transforming the productivity of information workers is improving relevancy of answers to search queries. With machine learning relevancy, the Attivio Platform calculates relevancy based on personalized and dynamic relevancy profiles for each user. Each query is then combined with contextual information to return better results, thereby providing better insight faster.

With this advanced machine learning, the system is trained to deliver the most relevant information, in context. Attivio also offers the flexibility of manual relevancy tuning to optimize results.


This new version of the Attivio Platform also offers innovative features for system administrators, developers, and end users, including:

  • Rules-based policy matching: Automates manual tagging and review processes to flag content for regulatory risk and knowledge management use cases
  • A choice of deployment options: Native Hadoop application, standard Attivio clustering, and cloud hosted with managed services
  • Ingestion auditing: Monitors and tracks document ingestion to support system reporting and compliance requirements
  • Public SDK: Maven archetypes and dependencies are now available on GitHub for customization of the Attivio Platform
  • New content sources: HDFS file systems, AVRO, Parquet, ORC, and application connectors for the enterprise and the cloud
  • Redesigned user interface: Next generation search experience for end users and an improved look-and-feel for administrators.

Future versions of the platform focus on the themes of making search more natural, more intelligent, and easier to deploy and manage.