Certifications on the Hortonworks Data Platform

Hortonworks provides the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), a commercial distribution of Apache Hadoop that offers an open and stable foundation for enterprises and a growing ecosystem to build and deploy Big Data solutions.

Attivio has earned the base certification on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), along with additional badges for product integration:

  • Governance Ready: Now certified on Apache Atlas, Attivio enables Hadoop to exchange metadata with tools and processes both inside and outside of the Hadoop stack. This makes it easier for companies to effectively address compliance requirements across all of their data.
  • YARN Ready: With certification on YARN, Attivio’s products can now operate directly in Hadoop without going through external tools. This improves both resource management and facilitates cost management.
  • Security Ready: The key to being a true enterprise application is powerful security. Attivio’s full platform is now certified to work with Kerberos, Apache Knox, and Apache Ranger, providing greater security for all enterprise data.


Building an Agile Data Stack

A modern, agile data stack drives a self-service data workflow, enabling the powerful analytics that help organizations remain competitive and drive revenue. The Modern Data Architecture starts with agile data storage in Hadoop, with a leading platform such as Hortonworks. Agile BI and advanced analytics tools at the top of the stack enable organizations to build a culture of data-driven decision making.  

In the middle of the stack, the process of finding and unifying all enterprise data is the key to end-to-end agility. Attivio's Semantic Data Catalog creates a single view of all enterprise data, inside and outside of Hadoop. Attivio’s advanced text analytics capabilities enable organizations to unify their unstructured information, such as emails, documents, social posts, and log files, with their structured data.

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