The Path to AI-Powered Search

A Brief Guide to How Search Is Evolving

Are you a part of the ‘unfortunate majority’ of organizations whose search users are unhappy and unproductive? According to a 2016 survey conducted by Findwise, 51% of organizations have user communities that self-identify as dis-satisfied with existing search solutions.

Of those surveyed, fully 45% plan to replace existing search technology before 2019. When will your community of users seeking answers be able operate successfully in a world where decisions are increasingly data-driven? You can help your decision makers act with increasing certainty – starting today.

Download Attivio’s 5-Minute Guide on The Path to AI-Powered Search for a quick, conversational review of how search has evolved to be more cognitive. If your search experience needs to regain its greatness, to empower and delight your search stakeholders, this guide will help you frame the right conversation.

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