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with Attivio's Elevate™ app suite for the ServiceNow® Platform


Elevate for ServiceNow comprises three apps, each tightly integrated with its corresponding ServiceNow module:

Elevate ITSM
Modernize your IT service management
Solve internal IT problems faster, increase employee satisfaction, and improve helpdesk agent productivity by delivering more precise answers via your self-service portal and by rapidly arming your IT fulfillers with the information they need to quickly solve problems.
Elevate HR
Consumerize your HR experiences
Enable your employees to quickly find key HR information where and when they need it, improving employee satisfaction and freeing up HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending their valuable time fielding routine queries.
Elevate CSM
Increase customer satisfaction and solve problems faster
Realize the promise of self-service support by delivering more precise answers via your self-service portal or by directly assisting agents with recommended content and next best actions.
Finding and applying the right information is critical for efficient business operations, employee retention and effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.
However, most organizations fall short of delivering on these expectations because:
  • Information is scattered across the organization in disparate silos.

  • Self-service options lack access to the right information and mechanisms to personalize and improve over time.

  • Employees tasked with helping customers and employees resolve issues lack context and access to important resources.

Learn how Elevate for ServiceNow can help improve employee experiences.

Key Features
Content Unification
Maximize your ServiceNow investment by connecting to any data source, unifying disparate data throughout the enterprise so you can provide answers to questions instead of a list of results. Integrate ServiceNow information with sources such as Sharepoint, Box, Google Drive, file shares, CRMs, and more, accessing knowledge wherever it resides.
Precise Answers & Unified Results
Leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand user intent and identify the best answer or set of results for an individual. ML and NLP match user queries with content across silos. Attivio’s unique approach to delivering results ensures the relevancy and accuracy of results every time.
Self-Service Assist
Power up your ServiceNow self-service portal with an enhanced search experience, including natural language question support, synonym expansion, and recommended content. Machine learning relevancy models adapt and improve over time constantly evaluating the effectiveness of returned results based on user behavior.
Fulfiller/Agent Assist
Enable next-best actions within the ServiceNow fulfiller and agent workflows, such as relevant KB articles to resolve the issue, relevant tickets that solved past issues, subject matter experts to contact, and so on. Give your employees context into every issue or ticket, such as frequently searched topics from the user, previous tickets, and CRM data.
Report on key categories associated with Attivio's Elevate modules, including questions and topics, sources and knowledge bases, knowledge gaps, overall usage, and impact on key metrics (e.g., CSAT/eNPS, MTTR, deflection rates, etc.).

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