Company Values

Our values are our guideposts. They’re how we hire the right people. How we frame feedback to employees. How we make decisions. How we hold ourselves accountable.

Because we are committed to their authenticity, these values may not appeal to everyone. And that’s ok. But if they resonate with you, you’d be a good fit for our team.

Embrace Challenges with Confidence
The problems we solve, the markets we address, the opportunities we chase – they are not without complexity and their own fair share of roadblocks. But Attivians don’t back down from a challenge; we face it head on. With that, we achieve the impossible.
Execute Responsibly
We have commitments – to our customers, our investors, our partners, and each other. When Attivians sign up for goals, we achieve them, and are responsible about how we apply our resources to get there.
Simplify Customer Success
Even though the problems we address can be complex, the solution and the experience for the customer shouldn’t be. By looking at the world through our customers’ eyes, Attivians strive to make it simple for them to learn about us, engage with us, and succeed with us.
Win as a Team
No one person alone can make us achieve our goals, so we take teamwork seriously. Attivians pride ourselves on being communicative, respectful, and empathetic with our colleagues, and celebrate our collective wins.
Take Ownership
Every individual is critical to our success, and each Attivian commits to doing what they say they’re going to do. And when we see something that needs to be fixed, we fix it.
Adapt to Change
Change is expected and healthy, and Attivians are creative and courageous in the face of change. We never stop improving and know that it’s as much about the journey as the destination.
Open Positions
On Oct 24, 2019, ServiceNow announced it would acquire Attivio’s IP, core technology, and select R&D talent. We have suspended hiring during the transition. Please check back later!
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There's work. There's life. And we recognize they are interwoven and overlapping. That's why subscribe to "work-life blend" - to give employees the flexibility they need to keep their life on track, and still be a contributing and successful Attivian. Our benefits reflect our company's commitment to the whole person.
Flexible Working
We’re lucky to live in an age where anyone can work virtually anywhere, at any time. While we value the benefits of working face-to-face, we support our employees’ needs to have flexibility in where and when they work.
Unlimited PTO
If the job’s getting done well, why not reward yourself with some time off? We don’t limit the time our employees take off and give them freedom them to explore the world - or their own backyard.
Body & Brain Fuel
Company-sponsored Friday Lunch, “Thirsty” Thursday, bountiful snacks & drinks, free onsite gym, LinkedIn Learning – Attivio keeps your body and brain fueled up for success.
Commuter Benefits
Your morning commute just got a little better! We offer generous contributions to your commuter costs whether you drive, take the T, or both.
Parental Leave
Supporting Attivio parents is important to us. We offer a generous parental leave package, flexible work schedule, and a Mother’s Room onsite.
Health & Dental
We offer a company-sponsored health and dental insurance plan to provide you and your loved ones with top-notch health insurance.
401k Matching
At Attivio, we’re always looking to the future, and want to ensure our employees are, too. Enrollment in our 401k program is automatic upon hire, and matching is offered twice a year.
Ongoing Learning
Whether you just need a course to tune up a skill or two, or you’re heading back for a degree, Attivio has you covered. We offer LinkedIn Learning access as well as Tuition Reimbursement to help keep our employees sharp and up to date.