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Forrester Wave Cognitive Search report named Attivio as a leader

It’s been a good week at Attivio. Along with having Monday off to celebrate Memorial Day, this week Forrester recognized Attivio as a leader in its latest Forrester Wave™ report assessing the Cognitive Search industry. After an evaluation of 12 vendors, Attivio was given the highest possible scores in 14 of the 24 measured criteria, including intent, tuning, tuning tools, prebuilt applications, connectors, scalability, deployment, and customer service. Forrester highlights “Attivio’s cognitive search solution is comprehensive and customizable for the world’s most challenging use cases.”

Today, organizations of all types and sizes are recognizing the importance of having a solution that’s capable of delivering AI-powered answers and insights to their customers and employees. Accounting for this heightened awareness of cognitive search among businesses, Forrester points out in their report “Employees and customers have an insatiable need for information. Cognitive search delivers it. It augments employees’ intelligence to help them make smarter decisions and complete tasks faster.”

With continued advancement in AI-technologies like machine learning, natural language understanding, and text analytics, Attivio removes the burden on the end-user to accurately identify their need, frame their search query, and know where to look in order to find the best answer.

Instead, Attivio delivers a simplified and superior user experience. One that is able to connect to any data source and infer meaning from virtually any text (whether structured or unstructured), and return the most relevant results to any query, be it an email lookup of somebody within the organization or a complex question from a user on your website.

For end users this means that they get the answer they need without having to worry about where it resides, what it looks like, or how to view it (this case study is proof). And using our proprietary machine learning models, every returned answer is automatically evaluated, and its effectiveness measured, in order to improve relevancy over time.

We’re excited about our latest placement and believe the progress we’ve made is reflected in this report. As Forrester notes, Attivio’s prebuilt solutions allow customers to “quickly attain the benefits of cognitive search” and also offers “all the knobs and dials necessary to create a bespoke search application with strong capabilities in scalability, data connectors, data ingestion intelligence, intent intelligence, and tuning.”

Forrester Wave Cognitive Search report graph

To learn about the Cognitive Search category and the criteria evaluated, download a complimentary copy of the full report.

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